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Prodigy, the first Nespresso that you can control with your smartphone

Prodigy, the first Nespresso that you can control with your smartphone

Nespresso is also targeting connected machines, so is theNespresso Prodigy its first coffee machine that we can control from the smartphone.

What we were waiting for comes true with the Nespresso Prodigio, just in time to get on the Internet of Things bandwagon, although it is not completely automatic.

Your alarm clock rings, you turn off the alarm on your phone and send the order to the coffee maker so that when you get to the kitchen, you have the coffee ready and very hot. Everything from the mobile, through the dedicated Nespresso app.

Order the coffee from your mobile, whenever you want

That's what Prodigio offers: a la carte coffee using the smartphone as a remote control. Nespresso has enabled a website so that users can see how the system works.

The machine connects with the smartphone (or the tablet) through Bluetooth,Although I have managed to find out if it also has WiFi to connect to the home network, otherwise we would be very limited by the range of the BT.

From the application we can select the parameters to make a coffee at the moment, being able to select different sizes, or also program them at the exact time we want them.

In addition, the app allows you to see at a glance coffee maker statusAs if you have enough capsules or water in the tank, there is precisely another point against it, since in the end the user s must intervene, either to place the cup, fill the water tank or replace the capsule (can store up to 14 units).


The connected coffee maker promises: you can now buy the Nespresso Prodigio

Now this is just the beginning.Let's imagine a more advanced and autonomous model, also adding integration with other services, for example IFTTT, so that we can create recipes that trigger automatically (when we get home, when our activity monitor detects that we have woken up).

Are you interested in the Nespresso Prodigio? well you can buy it now, although only in Sur La Table and is priced at $ 299. No one said that comfort was cheap.

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