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ProduKey, recover Windows and Office license to reinstall them


Imagine what you need reinstall Windows because it is working very badly and you can't find the licenseDid you lose it or were you never given it directly, how would you get it back? This information is deep in the registry, but there is a program called ProduKey from Nirsoft that will allow you to recover it with a few clicks:

The program is free, compatible with all versions of Windows and does not require installation. It also shows the product IDs and also the Microsoft Office, SQL Server and Exchange Server licenses if they are installed.

It is possible that when running the antivirus it detects it as a threat, something that happens with many Nirsoft programs, but you should not worry, it is a false alarm because it tries to access the system files to recover the keys.

In some versions of Windows 7 and Server 2008 the license is not displayed for some strange reason and on Dell computers with pre-installed Windows, the key that the program shows may be different from the one that comes on the CD or sticker.

Download: 32 bits | 64 bit | + info

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