Professional prepared to hack accounts for $ 110 (lick scammer)

If you have a blog, surely you have ever received comments like the following where a supposed engineer or hacker offers his services to obtain passwords, change university notes and the like:

Obviously, he did not allow them to be published and he marked them as spam.As you can see, he is a professional prepared to hack accounts in Hotmail, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Gamil (?), Tuenti and what is cross on the screen 🙂

I have already commented on cases like this on the blog (see Hello Love, I am the hacker), in short the type asks his clients or rather victims the email they want to hack and then using an anonymous email service falsify the sender to simulate sending the mail from the account that must compromise, this will be the proof that the work was done.

To receive the key, victims must make a money order through Western Union, in this case licking requests $ 110:

He really is a professional (?):

I tell you that I already have full access to the account you gave me to investigate. I have already sent you the mail from the account and surely I have not left a trace on the account since I have removed the Proxi, the IP, and other Wed cookies for security reasons, so you can already check in your Inbox because There I have sent you the guarantee of the account. On the other hand, I have configured a device so that every time you enter the account you are not tracked in any way and you can have complete management of it. I await your response to discuss payment and others details.Remember that we are here to help you soon.

And the next one is the fake email, by looking at its header you can clearly see that it is sent from an online service to send anonymous emails, also known as fake mailers. In addition, in the capture you can see that the Hotmail filter marks it as spam because it is an email spoofing:

These are the details of who receives the money, it is possible that he uses a mule or has some false identification:

Just as many people are deceived with scams in which they must send money in advance to receive the prize of a lottery, buy a car or help a friend they met by chat, surely many who want to access the accounts of their partners fall into these deceptions.