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Proof of false payment (phishing from


Phishing that seeks to deceive Brazilian Internet users is usually ingenious and well designed for the user's eyes. In the following screenshot you can see a fake email that pretends to be proof of payment submitted by an online sales portal:

(click to see larger)

Clicking on the link starts downloading an executable file Comprov_13072011.exe which is actually a Trojan (VT 18/43), note that the name of the file is a recent date, a little sign that adds when it comes to cheating.

In this case, the Hotmail anti-phishing filter detects that the sender was forged and sends the mail directly to the spam tray, alerting the user. But since there is never a shortage of those who doubtlessly click to see what it is about, it is worth publishing it as an example. Also, being a spam campaign the same message is being sent to mailboxes of all kinds.

Fact: Brazil is the country with the highest number of infected computers in South America.

Remember to have watch out for links and downloads of unsolicited messages, regardless of whether they end up in the spam tray or not.

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