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Pyapal .com, fake promotions that pretend to be PayPal


Pyapal .com is a domain that is being used fraudulently to trick PayPal users into making the wrong address Do you notice the difference?

This practice of registering failed domains is very common and is called typosquatting or typo domain registration. He had recently discussed some tricks with Facebook and variants of his main domain.

This case is similar, when entering pyapal .com a redirect is performed and different promotions are displayed that vary according to the country.

For example, if you access with a United States IP, the following appears:

Alert generated by the page to call attention False awards

As you can see from the screenshots, the intention is clearly to deceive. They make victims believe they have won a prize to enter their personal data, those who do not realize the error could believe that it is some real PayPal promotion.

The following are the pages that appear when you select, for example, iPad2 as a prize. First request a contact email:

Then more personal information:

And also validate the mobile number to confirm a SMS subscription which has a cost of 10 dollars a month:

All these data are requested to earn money and then send personalized promotions of all kinds, the attractive prize it's just a bait so that the victims complete all the steps, answering surveys according to their interests, sending SMS and providing more personal information.

The message displayed under pyapal .com varies according to the country and language, for example, if accessed from Brazil, the promotions are shown in Portuguese:

Promotion in portugus

And if accessed from Uruguay, a subscription page will be loaded directly by SMS:

Tips not to be fooled:

Plugins like WOT can be used to receive alerts when visiting bad reputation pages like these, but the best recommendation is to be careful when writing the addresses and think with common sense.

Free prizes when accessing a page? Hard to believe, surely it is some kind of deception, so you have to pay attention and read everything carefully. If you don't, you could end up losing money and with your mailbox full of unwanted promotions, they will reach you because you gave all your information to these fraudulent pages and the permission to send them.