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Rehabilitate your Card Codes – Bancomer Phishing


In the following screenshot you can see a fake email that simulates being sent by Bancomer, the cyber criminal tries to trick victims into believing there is a problem with their accounts by clicking on a link:

The destination is a page that at first glance seems to be that of the bank, but at the look at the address or URL in the browser We can realize that in reality it is not the legitimate site but a false one designed to steal all the data that is entered:

It is a classic but effective phishing attack when it is carried out in a massive way since many users due to ignorance or distraction usually fall for this type of cheating. The email also refers to security issues for online banking, a detail that will surely generate more confidence in the victims who open the email.

The best for avoid being cheated It is to distrust all the emails that seem to be sent by our bank, if we must access our account it is better to do it by writing the address in the browser and never by means of the links or attachments received. This simple security measure helps us avoid all these kinds of fake emails that are sometimes very convincing.

Bancomer ( has a security section and tips for users, I recommend reading it to learn more about the most common frauds that can be found on the net.

Note: The false domain has already been reported and is blocked.

Thanks Pablo for the delivery.

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