Roborock H6: This vacuum cleaner is a serious warning to Dyson

When we talk about brands for the home, we all have in mind references that have been consolidated for their own reasons in each of the corners of the home. Be it the food processor, the blender or the wireless vacuum cleaner. However, Roborock has come to break that with his new H6.

At home we had a traditional vacuum cleaner and a cleaning robot, it seemed the ideal combination. However, when my son started learning to eat, we realized how good it would be to have a wireless vacuum cleaner. Press and vacuum.

That is the idea with which Roborock has presented on the market the H6 (399), its particular Hail to the almighty Dyson. Make a powerful, lightweight, easy to use and extremely easy to handle device.

Pull the trigger

Roborock H6 Chema Flores Omicrono

The first thing that catches the eye of the H6 is how light it is. It weighs 1.4 kg, making it especially comfortable to move around the house as well as to rescue from the laundry room when there is an emergency. It doesn't weigh as little as a broom, but the agility of use is practically the same.

It handles comfortably with one hand and we will not need more to move it around the house. To start cleaning, it is enough to pull the trigger, that is, unlike other models, not to be left pressed all the time we are cleaning, since it has a side button that, by way of insurance, blocks the trigger to vacuum more freely. In addition, several brushes are included to adapt to different situations.

Roborock H6. Chema Flores Omicrono

At the top of the grip we will find a small led screen from which we can establish the different suction modes (key to manage between power and autonomy) as well as maintenance alerts. It is extremely easy to use.

Regarding the battery, we will have a time of around 90 minutes aspiration in eco mode, as well as about 10 minutes at maximum power, more than its main rivals. In addition, even if it is set to maximum it is not especially noisy because it is reduced thanks to a damping chamber next to the rear filter.

Powerful motor

Roborock H6. Chema Flores Omicrono

The lightness of use and good autonomy are accompanied by a powerful motor. Specifically, it has a suction force of 150 AW, which places it at the height of the Dyson V10, especially thinking of carpets, beds or upholstery of vehicles.

It achieves this thanks to a brushless motor 420 W and a multi-stage impeller generates this maximum power. One of the most curious points of the H6 is that it has an intelligent system that recognizes when a carpet is being vacuumed to increase the suction power.

Beyond the engine, it should be noted that it has a purification system Stage Air Filter with a filter that captures expensive, pollen and pet dander while cleaning, allowing to eliminate allergens and thus have a cleaner house.

Roborock H6. Chema Flores Omicrono

Regarding the cleaning of the device, both the front and rear filters, as well as the dust container, are removed in a couple of clicks to wash them, which facilitates their maintenance and their useful life.

In sum, Roborock He has obtained a handheld vacuum cleaner that is a serious warning to Dyson. Good quality, easy to use, with a contained price and great power with which to scratch purchasing decisions for those who want to distance themselves from the British firm.