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Sale of plastic cards with Visa and Master designs


As many will know in the world of cybercrime there is a big business of buying / selling stolen information (cards, bank accounts, etc.). It is an activity that is carried out practically from anonymity and less risky than other crimes such as the extraction of money, the purchase of products, etc.

In this sense Stevende XyliBox has been found in a forum with a plastic card seller that can be recorded with the Visa and Mastercard designs:

The cost of each is $ 20 with shipping worldwide, there are even discounts for bulk orders. Once the plastic is obtained, it is enough to record the information of some cloned card To be able to use it in any shop or ATM, there are also special printers for this:

As we can see, it is a dirty business with which various parties can win … In the same post, XyliBox also comments on other similar services dedicated to the sale of false documents and passports. For more information, I also recommend reading this study on the operation of the black market that was published by Panda Security last year.

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