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Samsung ends its mobile virtual reality: goodbye to services this year

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR

You may remember Samsung's virtual reality platform, more specifically for its hardware:the Samsung Gear VR glasses.Mobile virtual reality has always been "dominated" by the hand of Samsung, within what was a market with little success, there were few opponents and little profit. Those days are over: Samsung says goodbye to its virtual reality platform.

You may remember that along with its high-end smartphones, Samsung sells Gear VR headsets. This changed with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, released in August 2019 andthat are no longer compatible with Gear VR.Now Samsung itself warns that its service is going to end.

Specifically, its website clearly states that the Samsung XR platform as well as its apps and related hardware will disappear in the future. "The service will end on September 30, 2020." In addition, he is accompanied by Oculus CTO comment John Carmack, who admits that Gear VR was basically dead.

Samsung and VR

As we can see on the Samsung VR website (translated into Spanish), Samsung announced this May the termination of its service.

"Samsung XR is terminating the service for its XR applications on web, mobile and headphone platforms. The service will end on September 30, 2020. In the meantime, users will see the following changes on key dates. 360 videos will not be available and all Samsung XR and Samsung VR Video clients will no longer receive any more updates. "

Other changes will come from June and September. Starting on June 30, the Samsung VR Video appnot be compatible with Oculus;nor with their Go, Rift or Qurst. It will also be removed from the Oculus store.

However, the complete elimination will arrive on September 30 of this year, in which the entire Samsung XR platform will disappear. All user accounts as well as their associated information will be disabled, and all posted videos will also be removed. Related apps will not be compatible with related software or additional devices and the Samsung XR mobile app will no longer be compatible, in addition to being deleted from the Galaxy Store and Google Play.

Thus, Samsung ends its entire mobile virtual reality platform, clearly for lack of benefits. And it is that virtual reality for smartphones has not quite curdled.

Mobile VR does not work

Google Daydream. Google Omicrono

This is the last nail to a coffin already known to many.Google DaydreamIt was the same fate last year, when Google announced that this platform was ending. This was the quintessential rival to the Galaxy Gear VR, and was basically an exclusive VR platform for mobiles, which also came with its own included glasses.

Basically the same thing happened. Quite a few mobiles were added to the catalog of compatible devices, but it was with the Google Pixel 4 that Mountain View made it clear that its platform did not work, since these devices stopped being compatible with Daydream. Google itself admitted that although it had potential, it had certain drawbacks that made Daydream a difficult product to sell.

Obviously, the reasons for his death were none other than the low adoption among users and developers, who did not see Daydream as a reason to develop apps for the platform. That s, unlike Samsung, what little there is created on the platform will remain available, but we will not be able to buy the Daydream View or access the platform.

The question is easy: will any company try to revitalize VR on smartphones? It is doubtful, seeing as 2 titans like Google and Samsunghave failed in this endeavor.If you are a Gear VR user, we are afraid to tell you that soon you will not be able to use your glasses.