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Scam on Facebook to receive products purchased with stolen cards


When cyber criminals make purchases on the internet with stolen cards, they try to keep their anonymous identityWell, if they placed orders in the normal way, those who knocked on their doors would not be those of the postal mail, but police officers.

It is because of that they use intermediaries to make purchases, it is a move that works in the same way as money mules.

A few days ago I circulated in the media a case related to these scams, it all started through Facebook, a woman entered into a virtual relationship with a swindler who was posing as a sergeant named Troy luther.

The guy sent some flowers to his house and when the relationship was already trustworthy, I asked him if he wanted to help with a military donation program. She accepted and began to receive packages that should be sent to other people, perfumes, notebooks, headphones and all kinds of products.

Although it was a strange situation, he did not suspect that he was part of a scam until he received a phone call from an online store that, upon detecting that the order for a notebook had been made from a suspicious IP, suggested that he call the police .

This was how the deception was discovered, now the products are being returned and because of your participation you are not in legal trouble.

Sound advice: You have to be careful with the people who are added to Facebook and virtual relationships. On the other side of the profile and some stolen photos accounts can be anyone, even a neighbor playing a joke.

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