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Seagate Announces World's Fastest SSD – 10GB / s Speeds

Seagate Announces World's Fastest SSD - 10GB / s Speeds

New record (we'll see for how long): Seagate announces the Faster SSD in the world, with a speed of 10GB / s.

With SSDs taking precedence over mechanical hard drives, these new storage drives offer much higher speed and the days of fear for their reliability in storing all of our information are long gone.

Also, SSD prices have plummeted and, although it is still superior to equal capacity with an HD, there are already very affordable models that users can use as main storage. If we add to that how attractive an SSD can be with a speed of up to 10 gigabytes per second, then Seagate has caught our attention.

The fastest SSD in the world

If Samsung announced a few days ago that it was selling its 16TB capacity SSDs (the largest storage units ever made), now it is Seagate that hits the table and announces a PCIe SSDwhich can transfer data at 10 gigabytes per second.

It is a speed up6Gbps above the previous record, Although that is, Seagate has not detailed read / write rates.

This SSD uses PCI Expressy interface to achieve that speed Seagate has used NVMe (non volatile memory express) technology, although of course focuses more on the professional sector than the average user.

Not yet for sale, Seagate has only announced them to make it clear what they are capable of and will hit the market in the summer, at an unknown price, although there will also be versions based on the same but slightly slower technology with transfer speeds of 6.7Gbps. .

Will there be a new record from another manufacturer by the time they hit the market? It is possible, seeing how fast this progresses. In any case, if you are looking for a more affordable SSD, Samsung already have their 750 EVOs and in our SSD guide we show you the best ones in relation quality / price.