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See the photos that a person likes or commented on Facebook

cambiar idioma de facebook

This is a trick that I discovered recently and that allows see the photos that a person likes, those that you have commented or in which it appears and we do not see directly in your profile, among other options.

This is not a bug or a vulnerability related to privacy, but a new functionality available for now only in English.

So, to test it the first step is to change the language of the account to English from

See the likes:

Since Facebook makes changes all the time, the original trick for seeing Likes no longer works, however there is another similar method for seeing Likes.

Once the language is placed in English it should be written in the search box: Photo liked by followed by the other person's name. As in the following example where you can see the photos that Bill Gates liked:

Below you can see how it was done in the past, this trick no longer works, the one above it:

You should find a person who may or may not be among our Facebook friends. As an example we will see He liked the photos Mark Zuckerberg:

In the image you will see a list of options that appear under the name, remember that to see them your Facebook must be in English, this is the new way of searching on Facebook and it is called Graph Search. If i select Photos Mark Zuckerberg likes You can see all the photos that Mark liked:

The search can even be refined by selecting dates, photo authors, friends who also liked or commented on the same photo, etc.

In reality, we will not see all the photos, but those whose owners have shared with us or publicly. In other words, we will all see different results with Graph Search searches because they depend on each person's privacy settings.

The functionality is undoubtedly very interesting, for example if you are interested in someone with this you will be able to easily see the photos that he liked recently or the comments he has left, even when the photos do not appear on his wall or the person does not form part of your contacts.

As with everything, it can be used well and badly, so it is a good reminder to review the privacy options of our profile, review our friends list and pay attention when sharing content or doing something on the big network. Social.