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Selena Gomez's banned video and more examples of simple spam on Facebook


These pages appear every day and create them, as I have said several times, to earn quick money with advertising and to add followers to fanpages that can then be sold or used to bring visits to various sites.

Let's see some examples that I found, the first one is an assumption forbidden video of Selena Gomez, the fraudulent page has for now more than 16 thousand fans who were wanting to see it:

The video doesn't really exist, it's a lie

Anonymous member drops mask, I admit that I was funny. For now it has more than 132 thousand fans who surely also believed – through the fault of the media – that news that on November 5 Facebook would be destroyed by a super group of hackers:

Fraudulent page with instructions to add fans

From these fanpages we can end up in others where there is advertising and various Like buttons, in addition to steps that only serve to spread the deception:

(click to see larger)

If you click in the window of the fake video which pretends to be an age verification, it ends in a page that asks for the cell number, if the victim subscribes they lose money and the creators of these pages get a commission ($$):

SMS subscription page

The likes buttons mentioned above add fans on pages like the following, as you can see some of them already have half a million followers:

At first glance it seems that most of the users who participate in these fanpages are children or youngsters, but there are people of all ages. At the end of the day, Facebook is for many a form of entertainment, I do not know if good or bad, surely there are worse things, but the reality is that it is among us and it is going to stay for a long time.

The way to get the most out of it is educating usersThat's why every time I come across these pages I comment on them, even if it's a repetitive theme. If at least one person helps to realize that they are using it to be one more number or to make them fall into some SMS subscription trap, then the post served.

Thanks @Guillew for the warning.