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Skype Encription, fake program used to infect opponents of the Syrian government

programa que cifra conversaciones de skype falso

In the following image you can see an application that apparently would serve to encrypt Skype conversations and prevent them from being spied, in reality it is a Fake program being used as bait to infect:

According to an analysis by Trend Micro, the application is promoted on a website hosted on a Syrian server that has been used in previous attacks against government opponents. When they install it believing that it is a secure program, they unknowingly become infected with a Trojan named DarkComet which allows free access to and control of a computer.

In February another similar attack was detected, a worm in the Skype chat offered with an Arabic message the download of a supposed security program that was actually the aforementioned Trojan.

Although this type of deception is common and there are all kinds of deceits, in this case we are talking about directed attacks that occur in a climate of war. These boys are not playing.

You can read more about it in these Trend Micro articles:

– Fake Skype Encryption Software Cloaks DarkComet Trojan– DarkComet Surfaced in the Targeted Attacks in Syrian Conflict

Finally, mention that Skype has its own system to encrypt voice conversations, that is, programs such as Skype Encription They are not necessary, If you come across one of those styles, don't install it!

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