Social Engineering in Banking Trojans – Talk of the Rooted CON 2012

The following is another of the Rooted CON 2012 talks that I found interesting to share since it talks about a threat that we are very used to seeing or hearing in recent times, banking Trojans.

The speakers are Jose Miguel Esparza and Mikel Gastesi, both investigators from the S21sec e-crime department.

It is a recommended presentation for all types of users, although in some parts some technical details are discussed, it is worth seeing it to learn more about the operation of banking malware and how to avoid it in case of being infected.

They begin with an introduction to social engineering, the basis of these attacks, and then go fully into the operation of the Trojans. The most common types of attack are discussed, focusing on one of the techniques most used today and difficult to detect by victims, HTML injections.

To illustrate the presentation they make a couple of demos with the Zeus and SpyEye TrojansFinally they talk about the underground market where attack kits are bought and solutions for banks and users are mentioned.

After watching the talk, you will pay more attention to the details of your home banking and understand that if they are infected, they could be stealing your information even if in the browser bar you see the legitimate address of the bank with HTTPS and everything.

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