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Spam and Trojan: You are one of the lucky ones who won a Galaxy Tab

correo falso de claro y premio samsung

In the following screenshot you can see a fake mail which is sent as spam and tries to infect users by downloading a Trojan. The issue: You are one of the lucky ones who won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

The hook is a Samsung tablet that has been won thanks to a Claro draw. To redeem the prize, users must download a form, complete it and send it to an email address.

Actually, beyond the appearance of the message, everything is a trick to infect the system with a Trojan. When victims try to access the form they end up downloading an executable file called Claroideas.exe (VirusTotal 7/41).

As we can see, it is a fairly simple social engineering attack but it is usually very effective when unsuspecting and careless users receive it. In these cases, following some good security practices such as being careful with the links and downloads that receive the infection could be avoided.

Executable .exe files are not bad, in fact they are the most commonly used file type in Windows for program installations. But just as they are used to install legitimate programs, they can also install unwanted programs.

In a context like this where you won an unexpected prize, they inform you by e-mail and on top of that the form you have to download is an .EXE (that is to say that something is going to be installed), your common sense should alert you and avoid keep up 🙂

Thanks Yvonne and David for the submissions.

See also: Enable Windows extensions for added security.