Spam applications to see how many people visit your profile

HEHE … THEY'RE LOOKING AT MY PROFILE RIGHT NOW … spam message posted on a Facebook wall:

Spam message posted by an application

This deception of the visits in the profiles is already old and as much as people are told that they can't know if they visit their profilesThey will continue trying to copy rare codes, send premium SMS and install trash on their profiles as in this case.

Clicking on the message link ends up on an application page that looks like this:

Or also like this:

Seconds after the installation permissions are requested, as you can see the application can access personal information at any time and post messages on wallsIn this way the deception spreads among all the contacts:

Installation page in the profile

Once the application is installed in the victim's profile, Show advertising so that you click on the links thinking that you can see how many visits your profile has received:

Request to click on advertising

What are these cases to do?

First of all you have to be very careful when clicking on the links that friends post on Facebook, you could end up on a malicious page that infects your PC automatically, it's that easy.

Now, if you find the installation page of a spam application you can report it easily with a few clicks:

Report the application from the installation page

Then you could warn your friend and teach him to delete it from his profile, for this he simply must access the configuration section of his account and search for the application, you can also directly access it from this address:

For those who want to collaborate by reporting, these are the spam applications:

hxxp: // apps. / wincontest / hxxp: // apps. / fakepolice / hxxp: // apps. / ligerfacil /

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