Spam comments on YouTube posted by 419-style scammers

In the article I wrote a few days ago about the swindling hacker who traded the university notes for 200 dollars, they left me a comment with links to YouTube where you can see dozens or perhaps hundreds of spam comments that are left by these characters .

Let's remember their way of operating: they ensure that they can change the notes or hack emails, send an email spoofing (spoofed email address) or screenshots retouched with Photoshop as proof that the work was done, finally they request the sending of money by Western Union and when the victims pay to receive the information they disappear, because the scam has already been carried out. Something very similar to the famous Nigerian scams or 419.

The following are some of the comments that we can find on YouTube, the guys surely copy and paste the same text several times because they should not even know that they can also do it automatically, but hey, better not teach them those things:

As we see, it is the same kind of spam comments that they leave on blogs and forums, but the funny thing is that you can see the messages left by other users requesting their services:

All these comments are left by clients or rather potential victims of the scammer, it is incredible how they simply believe it. If the guys left a link to a email hacking program Most of them will not only download it, they will also disable the antivirus before running it! Well, actually this link is already done by many cyber criminals and due to the carelessness of the users, it is quite effective to cheat and infect.

Report the accounts of these scammers:

Among YouTube's options for reporting abuse, I found none that would allow reporting an account for comment spam. Well most of them don't upload videos, they just post the same comment over and over again in all the videos they find.

The remaining options are mark comments as spam, something that many already do to contribute their grain of sand to security; and block or delete them, something that must be done by the author of each video.

Then I leave some of the spam accounts What I found, if someone knows a better way to report them, welcome:

– hack msn: – hack keys: – Victor Perez: – Veronica Porras: – Diana Lopez: – Carlos Gomez: – Diego Gonzalez: – Hernando Yepes: – Catalina Garca: – Oscar Gutierrez: – Carlos Uribe:

Eliminating them will not solve the problem, because they will continue creating new ones, but at least we complicate their lives a little. In addition, those who seek this kind of services are also part of the problem and, as Chema Alonso says in her blog, they are not looking for hackers, but for criminals.

Finally one more curiosity … in the first capture of the article you can see a certain Carlos Uribe offering their services. Well, it seems that the engineer has personality problems because in other comments he publishes he calls himself Cristina Uribe: