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Spam on .edu sites in Uruguay


A while ago I referred to the spam that can be found on the sites of prestigious universities in the United States, this generally happens because some sections that work under complex platforms (forums and wikis for example) are no longer used and are not updated to their Latest versions are vulnerable, being a easy target for spammers.

In relation to this and to the previous post where I comment on the spam that is in some places of the government of my country, I was looking for signs of spam in Uruguayan universities, colleges and educational centers.

The search is very simple:

Results from sites

One of the first things I found was spam comments on a news site:

Thousands of spam comments:

Spam in a photo album, although the links were in text mode:

Another abused album:

A guestbook with spam signatures and the signature of one who was testing:

Spam in a military forum It also seems abandoned, because I found a recent message left by a young man and the only responses he got were from spam bots:

And finally, the forum of a faculty, it seems that the spam accounts were canceled but the links were not removed:

There are a few more cases, I am going to contact everyone to remove the content, then comment on the results. Generally from the educational sites they respond and appreciate the notices 🙂

Update 1: 48 hours later none of the sites responded to the notice. I sent an alert to the CSIRT (

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