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Spam + Trojan: You win TODAY if or if thanks to Claro's lucky roulette

correo falso de claro sobre ruleta de la suerte

Another typical spam that seeks to trick users with some social engineering to end up downloading malware on their computers. It's about a fake mail that simulates being sent by Claro to promote a game that will supposedly allow them to win prizes:

More than a roulette wheel of luck I would say that it is bad luck, at least for those who believe that it is real.

Clicking on any of the links starts downloading a gift Trojan called routadelasuerte.EXE that at the time of writing this post is not detected by the signatures of practically no antivirus (3/42 VT):

Many thanks to their common sense they easily detect these tricks, but the average user tends to fall first when receiving an email like this. On the server where the attackers host the Trojan (still active so try not to enter if you are not sure what you are doing), you can see a .txt file that if it operates as a real download counter at the moment they have already fished thousands of victims:

Remember to have caution with links you receive in the mail and be suspicious of any promotion or prize you win. Surely it is a hoax and as in this case you end up downloading malware to your PC.

Thanks David for the delivery.