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Spam videos of the Olympic ceremony on YouTube, watch out for the links!

video falso ceremonia olimpiadas

Olympic ceremonies must be one of the most watched shows in the world and once they are over it is not surprising that some take advantage of the situation to spam. This time I came across YouTube with a series of fake videos that supposedly showed some highlights of the show:

As you can see from the screenshot, the video appears to show the moment Mr. Bean appears during the ceremony. However, it is simply a still image with a message requesting click on a link to supposedly watch the full video.

Below, in the description, you can see the link and a series of keywords that are published that way to position the video and get more visits. Clicking ends in a Spam page full of advertising:

This user trhtrher I uploaded 11 videos in a few minutes after the ceremony ended and all of them similar to deceive users. His channel has already been denounced and at the time of writing this post the YouTube team already removed it:

You have to be careful with the links that are followed, especially if the context in which we find them is suspicious.

In this case, the destination was an advertising page that was not dangerous inside, but it could perfectly well be a malicious page that tries to infect us automatically or some Trojan that is downloaded pretending to be the video.

As always, common sense!

Examples of other tricks on YouTube:

– Spam videos that seek to spread toolbars with Adware. – Fake tutorials to convince victims (Pro Webcam Hack).