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Spam videos on YouTube seek to spread toolbars with Adware


This case of spam is sent to me by Federico (one of the users of the forum), in the following screenshot you can see a YouTube video that only shows still images with background music:

It is not an error, it was uploaded in this way on purpose to make users believe that for Copyright reasons it was removed and now it is complete on another site that is linked in the video description.

If the user believes it and clicks finish in a fraudulent site requesting the installation of a toolbar in the browserThis toolbar is famous for including adware and making unwanted changes to your computer:

An analysis of your installer in VirusTotal says it all: 25/43

If we look at the user's channel we can see that he uploaded 4 videos the same day, in all it does the same for visitors to click on the description link:

A simple search reveals that the technique is repeated with thousands of fake videos and spam links, some with explicit content to attract more attention:

The objective of spammers is to earn money since for each installation of the bar they can get up to $ 1.45 per affiliation:

For quite some time, cybercriminals have taken advantage of YouTube to hunt victims, they generally use programs to upload videos automatically, some even allow you to leave comments and increase views to make them appear more popular.

Another of the classic tricks that can be found is to upload fake tutorials about alleged hacking tools like Pro Webcam Hack or steps to crack games, paid antivirus and other types of programs. The goal is the same, to trick users into downloading and infecting their machines without knowing it.

Beware of links and downloads of unknown origin!

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