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Spanish pages of DirectX and CCleaner modified to request SMS


The following site offers the download of the tool DirectX 11 for WindowsIn fact, if you type in Google DirectX 11 it is the first result that appears:

Above Wikipedia and Microsoft

When accessing and trying to download it, a window requesting the mobile number, if the user does not pay attention to the conditions, subscribing to a service payment that can send you up to 25 SMS per month at a cost of 1.42 each:

DirectX page requesting SMS

(click to see larger)

The DirectX download is free and for security must always be done from the Microsoft site.

There are many pages like this that they are taking advantage of the popularity of different programs and they all have a peculiarity, if they are accessed with a Spanish IP the subscription window is displayed, but when accessing from other countries download links vary.

This can be somewhat confusing, let's see an example with another page that does the same but with the CCleaner program. I discovered it thanks to a comment from Javier left in an article where I mention a similar case that implements a constructor to modify the original installation files.

When accessing with the IP of my country (Uruguay) The download offered is the official one:

Access from Uruguay

However at change the IP of my computer for one from Spain, the same button displays the subscription window by SMS:

Access from Spain

In addition, there is also additional downloads for other passes which are Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela:

Site directories

For example, mexican visitors they download from the server of this site a file called CCleaner-mx-es.exe (VT 17/43), it is actually a modified installer which also requests the sending of text messages, the same happens with the rest:

Modified CCleaner installer requesting SMS

As we can see, it is very easy to deceive users and surely the most unsuspecting do not know that these programs are free and can be downloaded completely safely from their official pages.

So be very careful with this kind of subscriber maneuvers performed by unscrupulous people, when in doubt about a download or installation, it is best to ask or search for information on the network so as not to end up installing garbage on the computer.

Thank you Gregory for sending the first case.

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