Subscriptions to Premium SMS services, Spanish government investigates fraud

Long ago I talked about the advertising that is used on many Facebook pages to trick users with SMS subscriptions. It is a kind of circle in which everyone earns less the user who, through ignorance, ends up losing money.

A simple example of this is the following fake page that simulates being an account verification for the victim to enter their cell phone number and subscribe to a premium SMS service:

The destination is the following promo requesting the number:

Well, in recent days one of the companies that allows this type of abuse in advertising sent you a notice to all your affiliates alerting that they have detected a growth in spam traffic from Facebook plugins and viral applications, which was causing them problems with advertisers.

No wonder this happens because they themselves encouraged the practice by offering direct links to the landing pages of SMS promos. Therefore it is obvious that more than one would include those links in false pages, warez pages, viral applications, etc. with the aim of deceiving users.

In the last hours they have sent another notice reporting that many mobile phone campaigns were canceled by a regulatory change in SpainIn fact, the Spanish government is investigating the situation due to the fraudulent use of brands to attract premium subscribers.

The notice sent by the company to the affiliates is as follows (click to see large):

Notice sent to affiliates

Without a doubt it is good news, it was time for this to begin to be controlled by the authorities.

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