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Supermoon and money for spammers


Today, Saturday, March 19, the Moon will look larger because its orbit places it at the closest point to Earth in recent years, this added to the fact that being a full Moon will have a spectacular effect known as Super Moon or Super Moon.

Unsurprisingly, spammers take the opportunity to earn some money. All day long they have appeared spam tweets With links to fraudulent pages, here are a couple of examples out of the hundreds that can be found:

Spam profiles

They are spam profiles, the attackers add a photo that makes a good impression and in the message they include the trending topics of the moment so that their tweets appear on the timeline where everyone's tweets are published. With this method they get thousands of visits a day.

Clicking ends in a fraudulent site trying to sell an ebook to get rich from home:

The links of Twitter, Blogger, etc. in the About Me are false

Site that requests mail and tries to sell an ebook

As I commented a few days ago, very careful with the links on Twitter! The good thing is that the vast majority of these fake profiles are eliminated in a short time, and users can also collaborate by denouncing them by sending a direct message to @spam.