The best keyboard shortcuts for your PC and Mac programs

Throughout the world, many people use the computer daily as a working tool. Not surprisingly, they will need to be giles with the device to not lose productivity.

In this sense, keyboard shortcuts can be tremendously useful in certain circumstances. They can save us seconds that can become crucial at the end of the day. Today, at Omicrono, we come to teach you the best keyboard shortcuts for different PC and Macbook programs.

Google Chrome

We'll start with the keyboard shortcuts of the most commonly used web browser, Google Chrome. Here is a selection of the most useful commands for PC:

  • Open a new window: Ctrl + N
  • Open new incognito window: Ctrl + Shift (Shift) + N
  • Open a new tab and access it: Ctrl + T
  • Open the last closed tab and access it: Ctrl + Shift (Shift) + T
  • Close current tab: Ctrl + W
  • Find words on the page: Ctrl + F
  • Open development tools: F12
  • Print page: Ctrl + P
  • Enlarge page: Ctrl +
  • Downsize page: Ctrl-

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If you are one of those who use MacBook, do not worry! Just click on the top left on the Apple icon to see the MacOS shortcuts.


Almost anyone in the world knows Youtube. It is the quintessential video platform on the Internet and accumulates videos with billions of visits. Here is a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts:

  • Play / Pause: Space bar
  • Fast forward or slow down 5 seconds of the video: right arrow and back arrow
  • Go to the beginning of the video: Home key (7)
  • Go to the end of the video: End key (1)
  • Activate full screen: F
  • Next video:Shift (Shift) + N
  • Previous video:Shift (Shift) + P
  • Launch mini-player: I

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As in the previous case, if you use MacBook, you only have to press in the upper left to access its shortcuts.

Google Drive

During the last five years, the popularity of the cloud has generated numerous programs from which we can work online without installing anything. It is the case of Google Drive, tool already used by many companies and students. Here is a list of the most interesting shortcuts:

  • Switch between grid view and vignetting: V
  • Go to the top of the page: G + T
  • Select or uncheck a theme: X
  • Select all visible elements:Shift (Shift) + A
  • Share selected item: .
  • Create folder with selected items:Shift (Shift) + Z
  • Undo last action: Ctrl + Z

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There is also the possibility of knowing the macOS shortcuts on Google Drive.


Until a few years ago, the most normal thing was to download music to listen to it. Now, the usual thing is to access streaming music services, such as Spotify. We show you the most useful shortcuts for Spotify:

  • Create a new Playlist: Ctrl + N
  • Copy: Ctrl + C
  • Paste: Ctrl + V
  • Remove: Delete
  • Select all: Ctrl + A
  • Play / Pause: Space bar
  • Next song: Ctrl + Right Arrow
  • Previous song: Ctrl + Left Arrow
  • Silence: Ctrl + Shift (Shift) + Down Arrow

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Keyboard shortcuts for many more programs

In addition to all the programs that we have mentioned, the website also has shortcuts for: Adobe Lightroom CC, Excel, Skype, Todoist, GitHub, Asana, Firefox, iTerm, Slack, VLC Player, Bear, Microsoft Outlook, Visual Studio Code , Evernote, Postman and Sublime Text.

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