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The company that wants to turn your deceased loved one into a robot

The company that wants to turn your deceased loved one into a robot

In the future we will be able to create dead person robots that mimic their behavior, and there are already companies that are developing the technology to make it possible.

It is always difficult to fire a loved one, and many people are incapable of it; I am not talking about staying with a memory or leaving a photo always visible, I am talking about people who continue to behave as if nothing had happened.

It is not a denial: these people know that their relative or friend has died, but they need time to get used to it and they want to keep remembering that person as if they were alive. Some pet lovers suffer the same, and decide to dissect the animal to see it every day as if it were still alive.

Accompanying family and friends beyond death

Taxidermy on a deceased person is somewhat more extreme, but what the Terasem Movement wants to do is very similar. Only instead of keeping the body as it was before dying, what they want is to keep their mind and what he did to that unique person.

It is a science fiction concept that could become a reality, say some experts in Artificial Intelligence; the time will come when these developments are so advanced that an AI would be able to behave exactly like a real person, using variables such as their way of speaking, their moral values ​​or their peculiarities.

These robots will be the perfect accompaniment, not only for those who have lost someone, but also for those who do not want to go alone; At the pace of society, some companies believe that there will soon be a great demand for this type of product, and the Terasem Movement is one of them.

How the robots of dead people could be

Terasem has started with Bina48, a robot based on the behavior and appearance of Bina Aspen, the wife of its CEO, Martine Rothblatt; his rubber skin looks real at a distance, and only when we look at it do we realize that haunting valley, that moment when a robot rejects us for trying to look too much like a human being.

Its operation can also produce that sensation; even if her personality has been created based on 100 hours of audio about the beliefs and memories of the real Bina Aspen, it has moments when it shows that it is a robot that tries to behave like Bina Aspen.

But he also has moments when he seems especially inspired by his imitation, making the same facial expressions, declaring her love for flowers and giving up on herself. It is not a perfect version of Bina Aspen, but it comes close to it; and above all, it is a proof of concept of what we may have in the future.

Changing the definition of living?

Even from Terasem they affirm that their invention can change the definition of living; While the information that makes up our being is still present and working, for many people you can still be alive. It is clear that in Terasem they do not have a grandmother, but the truth is that the concept they propose is interesting.

And also expensive. Bina48 costs $ 150,000, although it is expected that in the next 10 or 20 years the price may drop to the range of 25,000 and 30,000 dollarsTherefore, it will be a product that not everyone can afford to remember their loved ones, but surely the price is not the greatest obstacle that this technology will face to convince potential buyers.