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The deception of making money answering surveys

ganar dinero con encuestas

The following email promotes a system that apparently will allow make money from home answering surveysThere are many variants of this deception, they also promote it through banners that offer work from home (more information and examples here).

By clicking on the links in the message you access a page that practically promises heaven for all those who do not have a job and are having a hard time, this is precisely what bothers me about these systems because they deceive the neediest people.

In the following images you can see the captures of the email and the fraudulent page that tries to convince people:

As you can see from the benefits list, no money seems to be investedHowever, this is not true because to access the surveys you have to pay almost 5 dollarsand then a much larger sum – $ 77! – that is automatically debited:

First you get 4.95 and a week 77 dollars!

There is the business, many users pay and then give up discovering that the profits are not worth it, the only ones who have the assured income are themselves who sell the survey package. In fact they offer a free affiliate system for you to sell the package by deceiving others, how funny isn't it? some are charged and others are not: P

Affiliate proposal for Webmasters

Finally, I forgot to comment on the inevitable last-minute promotion that appears when trying to close the page, it always appears the same and they use it as the last alternative to convince you to pay:

Now you know, if you receive emails that offer you work from home and the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars answering surveys … do not belive that!

Update: I have published a new article on this survey system with new screenshots and more details showing why it is a hoax and should not be trusted. You can read it here.

Update 2: In the forum I have published a list of sites that send surveys and pay to answer them. Accessing the list is free.