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The hacker who trades your college notes for $ 200

comentario hacker asociados

A few days ago I contacted a hacker to change my notes from the university, because in the comments that he publishes as spam to promote his services, he ensures that he can do it, as well as steal passwords and hack web pages.

You can imagine where the article is going… it is a swindler that hacker has nothing. On the blog I have discussed several of these cases such as the one that made an email spoofing to demonstrate that I had access to an email account or the computer detective who promoted himself in AdWords and used Photoshop to send captures of the alleged hacked emails.

They all operate the same way… they convince victims that they did the work and request money in advance from Western Union. This is what the article is about, although this time I asked the scammer to change my notes from the University to see what lie I left …

It all started with a spam comment that I left on the blog and of course I didn't allow it to be published:

I wrote to him asking for help to change the notes and he answered the following:

Good time, partner, thank you very much for taking note of my message that I leave on the network, I hope you are well and of course that I can help you and you will surely work with a serious person prepared to carry out this work.

Then I inform you of the process to start streamlining the work that is 100% safe and reliable.

Taking into account you have to provide me the subjects (which grades you want) Your full name Student code University Career you study Semester

These data are essential to search you in the system once in the system and inform you of what work with all the specifications consists of. I await your prompt response

Here is the email capture:

I replied with made-up data to change the notes of a subject. It did not take me long to answer that the work would have a cost of 200 dollars. As a guarantee you would send me a notification from inside:

Friend, thank you for giving me these fundamental data for the hacking of the system and that everything comes out a good success, continuing:

Friend then I explain how we are going to continue and what function it will present when entering the system: When I am in the university system I will enter directly to the system where it manages the notes which is the academic record of all the students. So when I am in the system that I comment on and have everything predicted for the change they will notify you from the database system my income will work as absolute GUARANTEE of my income with that we successfully process and you can make the payment to finish the job.

If you are concerned that security is not a problem for me a total priority, no one will find out. I also want to tell you that everything is changed once and not by parts because we cannot expose ourselves so much and it is better to do it at once.

On the other hand, I let you know the work time lasts 20 hours, all this depending on the analysis I do to enter the system and I am obtaining the good results of being able to change the requested data.

I tell you the cost of the work is 200 dollars

The means of payment is by Western Union

This is a totally discreet service I hope we have hand-to-hand communication, I look forward to a reply soon to start the service and take my work for granted.

And the catch:

I replied saying that the price seemed good to me and to continue with the work, hours later he replied:

As you are partner, I hope well I hope it has been a good day for you. I have a new news for you about access, so we have had a total access and entry to the UP system with 100% professionalism.

So as we have spoken and as such to guarantee the work I have sent you notified from the UP system, check in spam emails everything in order to not leave a trace is a success and we have not left traces since this is because you delete the proxy sent , the IP, ID, WED COOKIES of the database to leave no trace and ensure the effectiveness of the work of change is a positive success, so we have access to change, a fully guaranteed service

Well on the other hand getting your prompt reply to get on with the job and talk about the correct deposit and the completion of the success of the change of the notes

With us you will not have any loss we are a totally professional and serious group all in order to help you and collaborate with it.

As such, I awaited a prompt response to continue and make it quick.

And the catch:

At this point my eyes were already aching for the misspellings, but apparently he had sent me a notification from the university system and even to leave no traces I had erased the proxy sent, the IP, ID and WED COOKIES of thedatabase… Quite a professional.

What did you send me? A fake email in which the sender was falsifying with a well-known online service. In this way, he tried to make me believe that he had hacked the university system, however, by opening the email and seeing its header, it was possible to see the real origin of the message:

The email ended up in the spam tray, says Universidad De Palermo because it was the first thing that occurred to me when I invented the story to change the notes. The following screenshot shows the header and you can see that it used a fake mailer to spoof it:

After exchanging another couple of emails, he ended up sending me the information to make the payment by Western Union. As I have commented on other occasions, I do not publish the full name of the person who will receive it because the scammer may be using money mules:

As we see, unmasking them is very simple and they all operate in the same way to deceive the most unsuspecting users. In a way, it is a methodology similar to that of Nigerian scams.