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The incredible wasp that uses ants and spiders to protect itself

The incredible wasp that uses ants and spiders to protect itself

We humans believe ourselves very smartBut then animals appear like the insect we are talking about today and we realize that ours is not so bad either.

It is a wasp, discovered just a couple of years ago in the forests of the Southeast China, and although at first glance it may seem like one of these bugs, it wastes intelligence by the 15 millimeters of her small body.

The females They are cold, calculating beings, capable of anything to keep their young safe and fed. Do you want to know more about her? We present it to you. Today we are going to talk about Deuteragenia ossarium.

How the waspossarium deuterageniaprotect your cras

Since it is best to have the cras together, but not scrambled, the first thing this wasp does to make its nest is to look for hollow stems, in which it opens several cells, separated by resin partitions, which will contain egg in each one of them.

Then Mamma Wasp comes looking for a few spiders, to which he injects a paralyzing poison. Once the archnid is unable to move, it takes it to the nest, depositing it in one of the cells. Leave one spider for each egg, so that the cras can feed on them without having to share them with their sisters. Interestingly, the size of the new wasp has been found to depend on how large the spider it was feeding on was.

This is all very well, but what about the predators? The poor larvae will be very well fed, yes, but the nest is at the mercy of being attacked by some ruthless animal, willing to kill them and what is left of the spiders. However, Deuteragenia ossarium she is not stupid and she also thinks in that case. Therefore, cover the last room with a lot of dead ants, so that the formic acid they contain serves as chemical barrier to drive away predators.

McGyver may have been able to make a flamethrower with a clip and a lighter, but you give this little wasp a handful of ants and assemble an impassable security system. Get over that, Angus!

What a mother does not

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