The insect robot capable of climbing, jumping and flying

It's called SCAMP is a robot so versatile and gil as a cockroach: it can fly, climb, jump and move on many surfaces.

Therobotic It lives a great moment and from the University of Stanford they have a new prototype that has just seen the light and that we could qualify as a insect robot, since it is capable of imitating the movements of a cockroach.

Can fly, mate, climb walls and slide through all kinds of terrain, all in the same robot and with a very curious format. Its name, SCAMP, comes from Stanford Climbing and Aerial Maneuvering Platform and combines artificial intelligence with the skills of a drone and those of a climbing robot.

This insect robot will be perfect for reconnaissance and rescue work

Starting with the flying part, this insect robot integrates four rotors on topAs if it were a drone more, only smaller since the weight to move is less. Of course, it does not last long in the air, mainly because the cost of the batteries is high and adding more capacity would also imply increasing the weight of the set and penalizing the rest of the parts.

Thus, the insect robot can fly for a few meters and the interesting thing is that it can transition to a wall automatically. The robot hits the surface with the front part and is fixed thanks to legs with spines that cling to any rough surface. Thus, it advances vertically thanks to small blades and all the sensors and parts work together.

If the accelerometers detect that loses stability, the flight rotors are activated to assist the thrust. At the moment the Stanford team will continue working on its development, the goal is that it can adapt to all kinds of environments and be faster, since one of the uses it would have would be in rescue work and catastrophes.