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The latest from iRobot is an ultra-compact and affordable floor scrubbing robot

The latest from iRobot is an ultra-compact and affordable floor scrubbing robot

That's the new iRobot Braava Jet, the intelligent mop robot for those who don't have such a high budget.

iRobot has become a reference for all those looking for a Vacuum cleaner robot, the famous Roomba have become popular and are getting smarter and smarter.

A few months ago the company announced the Roomba 980, its most advanced model with a renewed visual navigation system capable of recognizing every corner of the house and learning to move around it. That is, the price was also apparatus, reaching 1,000.

TheiRobot Braava Jet scrubs floors thoroughly

There is more affordable models, but still you have to spend at least 300 for the most basic Roombas. Now comes theiRobot Braava Jet, a mop robotcompact size and reduced price: $ 199.


One of the limitations of Roomba is to thoroughly clean the floors of rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom, which usually need more than a simple sweep. To solve this there is the iRobot Braava Jet, which has more cleaning modes and able to mop the floors thanks to its water tank.

On one side can sweep dry, that is, to collect hair, dust and other dirt without wetting anything, but on the other hand it also includes a wet cleaningThat is, scrubbing the floor as it passes through it with water and detergent that it carries in its internal tank. The third modotambin is also wet, but using 60% of the water to avoid damaging more delicate soils.

At iRobot Braava Jet simplicity prevails. There is no intelligent visual navigation mode like in the Roomba 980, although it is learning from the environment thanks to its internal sensors, and it does not have a connection to mobile applications, so it cannot be controlled remotely from the smartphone. they get that adjusted price of $ 199.

The square format allows you to reach corners better, although the thickness is higher than in Roombas (necessary for deposits, of course). The next one goes on sale April 1st at $ 199 (the change to euros will be similar) and the replacement of the pads will cost $ 7.99 for the pack of 10 units.

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