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The legend of the constellation Taurus, the bull that crosses the sky

The legend of the constellation Taurus, the bull that crosses the sky

Today we are going to talk about the legend behind another of the zodiacal constellationsthe of Taurus.

As in so many other cases, this legend begins with a loving flick of Zeus. The truth is that considering the number of times he was unfaithful to his wife it is understandable that he is considered the father of all Greek gods.

In this case the object of your wish is Europedaughter of Agenor, the king of canan. As always, meeting her was not an easy task, so the god had to go through a new transformation, in the same way that he turned into golden rain to visit Dane during his confinement.

The legend of the bull, according to Greek mythology

As I was saying, Zeus fell hopelessly in love with young Europe. God did not accept no for an answer, so he made the decision to kidnap instead of asking. To carry out your plan, order Hermes, god of the shepherds, who will send the Agenor cattle to the coast of Threw, where Europe used to go for a walk with her friends.

So Zeus joined the herd transformed into a precious White bull with two very small horns and a black stripe in the middle. As Europe checked the gentleness of the animal, she began to play with him, putting flowers in its mouth and garlands on its horns until, finally, it climbed on its back as if it were a horse. Zeus, who had stoically endured the entire ornamental process seized the moment and, running, plunged into the sea, with the terrified girl on his back. When he reached shore, in Crete, raped her and, as a result of that moment, three children, who called Minos, Radamantis and Sarpedn.

The Taurus constellation according to other cultures

Although the most widespread astronomical legends are generally the Greeks, other cultures also have their own story about the origin of the constellation. For example, egyptians associate it with the gods Osiris and Isis, represented as half bull and half cow, respectively. According to them, it was possible to clearly observe the formation of the horns when the Crescent moon crossed the constellation.

On the other hand, the Romans associate the bull with Bacchus, the god of wine. For this reason, during the bacchanalia, a bull covered in flowers was paraded, escorted by a group of ballerinas they represented the Plyades and Hades, two stellar cells that are inside the constellation.

Surely there are many other legends that tell the story of the constellation, this is only a small representation. Do you know any other?