The legend of the Moon and the Sun

In this section we have told you mythological stories about the origin of many constellations, a beautiful star shower or even our own galaxy. But what about the moon and the sun?

The Moon and the Sun are two of the stars with which we are most familiar. Whether or not we are experts in the field, the truth is that, if the meteorological conditions They allow it, we can see them every day, so there is probably no one on the face of the Earth who does not know what they are.

However, much less known is the greek legend about its supposed origin. In it, some of the gods that we have already mentioned in other stories appear and it is so curious and attractive that it was inevitable to talk about it.

According to the Greeks, this is the legend of the Moon and the Sun

Legend has it that the Sun and the Moon were two young humans they professed a love immeasurable. Everyone was talking about their romance, from Earth to Olympus, so the news did not take long to reach Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Aphrodite tried to make Sol fall in love

Full of envy, Aphrodite went down to the world of mortals and, showing off her great seduction skillsHe tried to make the young Sun fall in love. After hundreds of compliments and caresses, the boy ended up confessing to the goddess that, even though he was aware that there was no greater beauty in the world than his, he was hopelessly in love with the moon and could never be unfaithful to him.

Sol rejected Aphrodite, by Luna

The rejection It is hard for all of us, but imagine how it must be for the goddess of love. So Aphrodite rode into the rage and decided to punish the two young men, sending them to heaven so that They could never be together again. For that reason, since then, he can only be seen by the daywhile she does it for the night.

Nonetheless, Zeus He decided to take pity on them and, after talking to the Sun, assured him that he could see his beloved whenever he tried all your strength. Thus, sometimes, when the young man gathers all his energies and the Sun shines with great intensity, the Moon can be seen slightly, greeting him from the horizon.