The modern kraken is this underwater drone that can fly

Researchers have created an amphibious drone that can spend months in the depths until it is time to act.

Said so, the truth is that they are somewhat scary, even though we are talking about devices that are already familiar to anyone.

Most of us associate drones with flying, but there are already many developments focused on take them to other elements, such as water. Not surprisingly, the US agency DARPA has devised drones designed for the deep sea that are capable of monitoring and tracking enemy submarines.

Drones that evolve and go beyond the air

Not only is there a hidden potential in seeking new areas for usardrons, it is also important that these maintain the versatility that characterizes them.

And in the same way that in nature there are amphibian animals that live in water but can jump to land to get better opportunities, drones can also evolve in the same way, although in this case it is the opposite way.

The latest creation of the Johns Hopkin University Applied Physics Laboratory is this missing link between aerial drones and aquatic, is an authentic amphibian drone.

With this I do not mean that it is a flying drone that can be temporarily submerged, that is something that already exists; no, in this case the drone is primarily submarine, and is capable reach a depth of tens of meters.

Amphibian Eldron waiting for its moment underwater

The drone can thus remain on the sea floor, or on a platform in the hull of a submarine, up to two months in a row in salt water without affecting its performance.

The interesting thing comes when it is activated and comes off the platform, navigating the sea or the river with its propellers; ace until it reaches the surface, and begins to fly in the same way. The featured concept cannot be submerged again once it has started to fly, but its creators claim they are already working on it.

The important thing in development has been in creating a structure that can remain in depth for a long time, but that is not so heavy as not to be able to fly; That is why its creators have not opted for a metal frame, but for a 3D printed one.

A kraken to search for the enemy from the depths

In addition, they have ensured that all electronic parts are sealed, and that rotors are covered with a protective coating. They have accomplished all of this without increasing manufacturing costs.

I will leave the best for last, its name: CRACUNS, from the initialsCorrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System. Its creators chose this name because it resembled kraken, the name of the mythological creature that emerges from the waters and represents the doom for anyone who is close.

Perhaps Cracuns has a role similar to the kraken, since if it emerges it is because a submarine is nearby looking for its prey.