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The new DJI Phantom 4 can dodge all kinds of obstacles and follow people

The new DJI Phantom 4 can dodge all kinds of obstacles and follow people

DJI may have just made drones much more appealing to newbies with the Phantom 4.

Phantoms are probably the most popular drones on the market, the ones that have really sparked a market that is expected to be the one with the most potential this year.

So the Phantom 4 could not simply be a new version of its predecessors, but it had to offer something more to attract that potential public that still does not dare with a drone; Maybe that's why DJI has focused on offering features that help pilots.

This is the Phantom 4

For this, DJI has made the Phantom 4 smart, so you can make decisions on your own depending on the circumstances. It is not a completely autonomous drone, but we can make it fly on its own and help us if we make mistakes controlling it; for example, if we try to smash it into a wall it will stop just before touching it.

All thanks to what DJI calls the Obstacle Detection System, which uses two cameras located in the front of the drone to capture nearby objects and measure the distance to them. In this way you can calculate the necessary maneuvers to avoid obstacles without going off the path we want you to follow.

DJI's new drone is capable of not getting lost, without using GPS

Thanks to this technology the Phantom 4 can do many things that other drones have already done, such as following people; Using the app we can mark the person in question and from then on the Phantom 4 will fly at a safe distance while recording.

Therefore, we can not only use it to record us doing activities like running or cycling, but also follow any person or vehicle; It is even capable of detecting animals and keeping track of them. The important thing is that all this is achieved without GPS, only using your cameras.

Another example of what the Phantom 4 is capable of is a feature called TapFly, which allows us to tap on a location while watching the recorded video, and the drone will fly automatically to that placedodging obstacles along the way, of course.

The Phantom 4 can fly for a maximum of 28 minutes with a charge from its new battery, and reach a maximum speed in sport mode of 71.9 km / h.

The Phantom 4 will cost $ 1,399, a price increase that DJI hopes to justify with the new features. Be available from March 15.