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The perfect invisibility cloak will never exist, according to science

The perfect invisibility cloak will never exist, according to science

The invisibility cloak perfect, the one that did not let see a bit of our body in the purest style of Harry Potter will never exist.

And no, it is not that we have become negative overnight, but that science and specifically physics have set foot on Earth and have seen that things in the world of science can come close to perfection, but in many occasions we must stay only with the science fiction. In this case, the perfect invisibility cloak we all crave after seeing the mythical wizard seems to be more like the movie. Predator or to the layers of the Hobbits of The Lord of the Rings.

At least that is the conclusion that two researchers from the Ludwig-Maximilian University (Munich) and the Otago University after having presented a physical theory about how a perfect invisibility cloak should work, the one that did not have a minimum failure, and that was real moving away from the multiple current theories. All theories require deflecting light, and doing so totally does not seem possible.

The perfect invisibility cloak, an old dream of physics


In his work exhibited in Physical Review AThese researchers have concluded that the closest way to perfecting making anything invisible would be through a blanket of spaciousness. In this case, the light information would be deleted, that is, light will be redirected to other places to trick the human eye. This method would be much more feasible than the camalen mode that had been previously thought, where it was sought to recreate the color of what surrounds the layer.

In fact, this method has already been tested Previously with good results, leading to quite convincing representations of what will be a perfect and viable invisibility cloak in the real world. Although, despite this, there are still various imperfections to correct.

Physics imperfections: The perfect invisibility cloak will not be possible

And with imperfections I mean the way this method works (which, we cut, is the best investigated so far): Redirect the light so that we obtain invisibility implies that both the hidden object and the observer are still. With any movement of either one, invisibility is over. It is known as drag Fresnel-Fizeau.

This would mean, in a nutshell, that light and its composition are altered when passing through a medium (as happens when we see light pass through a raindrop). In this case The perfect invisibility cloak shouldn't drag light next to it, but the current and closest method to that perfection does.. We would not see the object as such, but we would see it as a blurring of it, since the light would follow it as a cloak.