The protein that fights against aging, without making a pact with the devil

Can you imagine pretending twenty years less without the need for pacts with the devil or pictures that age for us? With the protein against aging it is possible.

It is true that there are already many creams and other miraculous treatments that promise stretch wrinkles, give shine and softness to the skin and even falsify the date of birth of the DNI if necessary; But the truth is that, although some give good results, these still leave a lot to be desired.

For this reason, scientists continue to search for metabolic key to help us reverse the effects of aging in the skin. Specifically, a group of researchers from the New Castle University, in the UK, seems to be on the right track, as they have discovered a enzyme group involved in the contribution of energy at dermis cells, whose effects deteriorate with the age.

Laprotena against aging

As you know, as our body ages, cells deteriorate and, as a consequence, decreases bioenergy and increases the production of free radicals. This has different effects in the different parts of our body, but in the skin manifests itself through the appearance of wrinkles and the increased flaccidity.

A group of key enzymes in bioenergy production

If one of the facts that leads to skin aging is the bioenergy lossIt is clear that the enzymes involved in bioenergetic processesThey can be a great target for treating this problem.

So these scientists investigated the complex II, a group of enzymes contained in mitochondria, which are the cellular organelle in charge of energy production. When studying an area of ​​the skin protected from the sun in volunteers from six to seventy-two years, found that, as age increased, activity was significantly reduced of this enzyme complex.

How can this discovery help us?

This discovery could lead to the production of drugs and creams that restore the activity of these enzymes. If this were achieved they could decrease the signs of aging to a great extent. Furthermore, these scientists are optimistic and believe that by investigating further, they could find ways to decrease aging also in other organs, with the consequent improvement that this means for our Life expectancy.

Do you remember that video that recently went viral of two twins and their mother where she didn't know who was who? Well, thanks to these treatments, perhaps in the future such videos would not be so unusual. Wouldn't it be great?

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