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The story of Agnodice, the gynecologist who rebelled against the system

The story of Agnodice, the gynecologist who rebelled against the system

Many categorize Hypatia of Alexandra as the first female scientist in history, but the truth is that before she lived Agnodice, a woman who already in the 4th century BC He was loaded with intelligence and brave to gain a foothold in the world of medicine.

Although in times of the famous Hipcrates women had permission to work as gynecologists or midwives and for healingLater, it came to light that many of them were also engaged in abortions, so finally they were forbidden to choose this type of profession.

However, this trade was the passion of AgnodiceSo she made the decision not to settle for what had been her for being a woman and fought with all her weapons until she got it.

Biography ofAgnodice

Agnodicenaci in Athens, in a wealthy family. With each passing day, she witnessed the great number of women who suffered terrible pain during the Birth, coming to pass away in many cases, reason why it woke up in her the desire to be gyno, to contribute to help in that field.

Her status as a woman prevented her from being part of any medical school, so she chose to haircut and dress men's clothes in order to be accepted.

Her trick paid off and the young woman was able to study first in Athens and then in Egypt, where I learned from one of the best doctors in Alexandra. After completing his studies, he returned to Athens, where he began to practice the profession, still disguised as a man.

The victory of Agnodice, the rebellious gynecologist

Many pregnant women opposed having a man attend to them during childbirth, so Agnodice began to reveal their identity, making them keep the secret. This led to hundreds of women starting to come looking for her, since his fame spread all over Athena

However, the rest of male doctors they were enraged, as no patient sought their services anymore. So, unaware that it was a woman, they accused Agnodicede seduce patients, getting it denounced by a lot of jealous husbands.

Once at the trial, finding no other way out, the gynecologist had no choice but to lift her robe and reveal your identity. At that time, logically, the accusation changed and they went on to condemn her for practicing gynecology as a woman. But then, the women of Athens flocked, defending Agnodice's professionalism, pleading not to be condemned.

And so it was, not only don't be condemned, but since then women were able to return to the profession. And all thanks to the rebellious one. As you can see, standing up to injustice is a good decision.