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The story of Parks, the murderer who did not know he was

The story of Parks, the murderer who did not know he was

We can believe that we know ourselves very well. What houses our mind, however, can totally break with the idea that we present.

How many times have we wished someone misfortune? The uncle who took our parking, the lady who passed us at the supermarket, and why not, our boss. These dark fantasies are nothing more than concepts in our mind, more or less lasting, but what do they say about us?

The thin line between dreams and reality it seems even more fuzzy in some people's minds. The question Are you a murderer It is going to move us to Canada, facing a totally unexpected case.

Unconsciousness and reality, the case of the Parks family

Kenneth Parks is the father of a quiet family, with some other financial problem that may lead him to argue with his wife. However, Parks is a serene man and has great relationships with his family, including his stepmother Brbara.

On the night of May 23, 1987, Park goes to bed, and while he is asleep he drives 20 minutes to his family's home. Once there, he takes an iron bar, goes to his stepmother's room and deals him a death blow. Later, he also ends the life of his stepfather and drives to the police station to confess. And still asleep.

The story totally seems like a tale. Were there economic interests involved? He could have done that to collect insurance and end his problems.

Are you a murderer or a sleepwalker?

Fortunately for Parks, a dozen experts analyzed their case and testified that Parks suffered from a sleep disorder that made him a dream killer. It is nothing paranormal to meet someone who has experiences like throwing the pillow out of bed and getting up, eating, or even saying inconsistent words.

Parks currently lives with her family, has 5 children, and never ceases her medical regimen for her sleep disorder.

That we are masters of our behavior and attitude leaves us more confident in defining what is reality and what is dream. It is like telling a story to a child, you will know that it is fictional, but in the child's mind the characters will be projected in a very close reality.

It is terrifying how our mind can even reverse our will to that point when it comes to sleep. The Parks case will not be the only one, among us there may be more dream killers. Meanwhile, psychology helps us better understand the stranger who lives with us: our mind.

Source | Psychologist: Kurt Gray