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The televisions recommended by and for Netflix

The televisions recommended by and for Netflix

Do you want to enjoy Netflix to the fullest? These are the televisions recommended for Netflix and the requirements they must meet.

Netflix is ​​in full growth, in a few months it has expanded throughout the planet and the quality of its productions is causing a huge increase in users. Only in the last quarter of 2015 it is estimated that there were more than 11 billion hours of videos played between series, films, documentaries and other content in your catalog.

One of the keys to Netflix, in addition to its own productions, is to be available practically on any platform, whether they are mobile devices through official application, on computers with the desktop client, web version or on televisions with Chromecast-type devices or integrated into the TV itself.

Netflix Certified TVs

Did you know that Netflix publishes a list of recommended TVs every year? The company has created its own seal of approval as it works alongside some television manufacturers to deliver the best experience, at least in terms of comfort.

We say this because the factors that Netflix takes into account to grant your seal of recommendation do not focus on the technical aspect of televisions, but on the ease and speed of usethat the user can get with that model when playing Netflix content.

Netflix's criteria for recommending TVs

As Netflix explains, in total there are 7requisites, but any manufacturer of TVs can obtain the seal of recommendation by fulfilling at least 5.

For example, we find that televisions must have the latest version of Netflix installed instantly, that the app starts and resumes quickly, that the I have a button dedicated to Netflix And of course, do not miss the direct access to the application in the main menu.

Netflix Recommended TVs

Ok, and what manufacturers have collaborated with Netflix and have models of televisions recommended by the streaming service? At the moment, LG and Sony, the first with its UHD televisions with webOS 3.0 and the second with Android TV 4K, which our companions from El Androide Libre tell us about.

Specifically, they are these:

LG models certified by Netflix

  • UH6300 series
  • UH6500 series
  • UH7500 series
  • UH8500 series
  • UH9500 series
  • G6 series
  • C6 series
  • E6 series

Netflix Certified Sony Models

  • S85D series
  • X85D series
  • X93D series
  • X94D series
  • XD93 series
  • XD94 series
  • SD85 series
  • XD85 series

And that's it? Yes, at the moment those are the Recommended TVs for Netflix in 2016, but they will not be the only ones. The list can be consulted here and will be updated as new models are evaluated. For example, we can see how in the list of recommended TVs for Netflix of 2015 there are models of Hisense, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, Vizio

Of course that does not mean that there are no more recommended televisions For Netflix and where you can get a lot of experience, virtually every manufacturer has added the possibility to their SmartTVs and if not, you can always pull devices like the one Chromecast which gives a great experience for a very low price (although for example it does not support 4K content).