The work from home scam promoted by email

A few days ago I commented on the case of advertising banners that are promoting fake jobs from home, another method of promotion that they are using to cheat is the email marketing:

This site has been trying to contact you about a job from home in your area. Please respond as soon as possible, few places left

This email pretends to be a job notification, clicking on the link ends on the following page:

As you can see apparently a paying job is offered $ 87 per hour, simply enter the name, postal code and mail to verify if there are positions available. To give a serious touch to the page include USA Today, CNN logos and other news networks, they are simply images that do not have links or anything, they are there to cheat.

Another example is this email:

Read this press article. It could change everything. I found this online and had to send it to you …

In this case, clicking on the link ends in a fake news portal similar to the one I commented a few days ago:

In both cases what you are trying to sell is an ebook that costs 97 dollars, false pages and everything necessary to convince visitors are published on the pages. This reminds me of commercials of the Call Now type! from the TV that sell products repeating things over and over to make people's heads.

It does not seem bad to me that ebooks that teach teleworking are sold, in fact there are books and online courses that are good, but what these guys do with the banners, the emails and these pages is a scam that only seeks to deceive. The worst thing is that surely there are people who do not get a job and see in this an opportunity that in the end only makes them lose money.