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Theft of information and prices on the black market


Panda Security has published a report on the cybercrime market, it is an easy-to-read document in Spanish that explains the operation of that world that seems to be part of a movie.

For less than $ 80 you can buy the information stolen from a credit card, if you want the physical card to steal directly from an ATM, you must add another 180 dollars, and if you prefer clone cards at home, the price of a duplicating machine varies between 200 and 1,000 dollars.

These are some of the numbers that are handled in the report, but managing to contact cybercriminals is not easy. They generally operate in forums with private roomsTo access you must be recommended by another VIP user or gain access with a good reputation and time.

Cyber ​​criminals not only sell stolen cards, they also offer access to bank accounts, money laundering online and even the anonymous purchase of productsThey buy what you want and send it to you so that your data does not appear in the store.

For example, if you want to buy an iPhone with a stolen card, for 60 dollars they buy it, receive it and then send it to your house 🙂

Some may wonder why they sell this information instead of directly stealing the money themselves, the answer is very simple, selling stolen data is also business and it is a less risky activity.

Full report: The Cybercrime Black Market (pdf)

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