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Theine or caffeine, which is healthier?

Theine or caffeine, which is healthier?

Many times we ask ourselves if it is healthier to take caffeine to enter the world in the morning or if, on the contrary, it is better to consumehad.

Begin the article by giving the answer: neither is better or worse than the other; because basically they are the same substance. We tend to confuse them because sometimes the effects seem very different, but the truth is that it is the same chemical compound, contained in different plants.

What happens is that the other substances present in coffee or tea react with caffeine, causing it to act differently. But to begin with, what is caffeine?

What is caffeine?

The caffeine is a alkaloid of bitter taste, typical of some plants, such as coffee, although it is capable of paralyzing and killing those insects that dare to feed on the plant, in humans only acts as Stimulating the central nervous system, reason why we usually consume it to leave the lethargy in which we find ourselves when we have just got up.

As I was saying, its name is basically because it was first isolated from the coffee plant, but it also appears in other plants, such as the guaran or the t, in which it is called guarana or tena, respectively.

Tena or caffeine? Why don't they feel the same to us?

Okay, if they're supposed to be the same, why don't they affect me the same way? In addition to caffeine, these plants have other substances that interfere with caffeine, leading to new effects.

For example, t contains large amounts of polyphenols, which slow down the pace of absorption of caffeine. So when we drink a cup of tea we don't feel the high Immediately we experimented with coffee, but we continued to notice some effect many hours later.

On the other hand, the caffeine concentration in each of these drinks it is different, being much higher in coffee, especially in the clearing, since the process oftoasted significantly reduces the amounts of this substance.

As for the coffee decaffeinated, only does a little honor to its name, because the truth is that it still contains a small amount of caffeine, which in Spain cannot be higher than 03%.

So what is better? Tena or caffeine? The problem is in the formulation of the question, since the correct thing would be to question whether it is better to drink tea or coffee. And as we have seen so many other times in this blog, if we do not have any pathology that contraindicates the consumption of caffeine, any of the two drinks is equally suitable, since they can even bring great benefits to our health. When it comes to choosing, it all depends on how fast, intense or long-lasting you want the effects to be. And if none convinces you, you can always choose a chocolate; which, incidentally, also has a small proportion of caffeine. If it is everywhere!