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They arrest cardinal who cloned cards in a shopping in Argentina

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A Chilean cardinal was detained in the Alto Palermo shopping mall in Buenos Aires, according to La Nacin, based on police sources. He was part of a gang that had already stolen around $ 200,000.

Carding It is the term that is generally used to encompass fraudulent activities related to credit cards, from the theft of data to the obtaining of some benefit or monetization. A carder It will be the criminal who participates in these fraud schemes.

Employing social engineering techniques, the guy posed as a technician at Posnet, a company that offers terminal payment solutions. In this way I managed change or manipulate devices to copy card data used by shoppers.

He was detained in the middle of a criminal operation thanks to a employee who was suspicious of the technician and called the police, in their possession they found a notebook, false identifications, two cards, three mobile phones and a POSnet payment terminal.

According to La Nacin, he is accused of being part of an organization that cloned cards in the last 15 days in various businesses. So, if you were recently in the shopping center and made a card purchase, it would be good to review your account statement and contact the bank to get more information about the situation.

Lastly, mention that recently in Black Hat USA two researchers demonstrated how vulnerable some payment terminals were. Basically two cards with manipulated chips allow them to compromise the device without leaving a trace, by inserting one of the cards a cloning program was automatically installed in their memory and then with the other they could lift the copied data.

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