They detect Trojan that continues to work when the user turns off the mobile

Rumors have always circulated that intelligence agencies can remotely access any mobile device or device by exploiting vulnerabilities or back doors that only they know about. Even they can do it with the equipment turned off, but is this last possible?

AVG has published details about a Trojan for Android that works even when the user turns off the device, allowing, among other things, to make calls and take pictures.

It was detected in China and spreading through secondary application stores where at least 10,000 users have installed it without knowing it. The Trojan baptized as Android / PowerOffHijack it doesn't really work when the device is turned off, but hijacks the closing process to stay on without the owner noticing.

It affects Android versions prior to 5 (Lollipop) and requires root permissions to achieve its purpose. When the victim presses the shutdown button, the mobile shows a fake animation and is left with the black screen, but in the background it continues to run the processes that the Trojan needs.

It is undoubtedly a very interesting functionality that it will not be strange to see it soon in the Trojans that are sold to ordinary users who want to become spas. On the AVG blog not many details have been given but part of the code that allows modifying the closing process has been published.

As alarming as it may seem, the key to not getting infected is very simple … be careful with the applications that are downloaded, even if only those found in Google Play are downloaded.