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They discover the largest structure in the Universe: The Great Wall of BOSS

They discover the largest structure in the Universe: The Great Wall of BOSS

TheBOSS Great WallDoes it sound familiar to you? For it is the largest object in the Universe that we have observed in all of history.

We live in a time when technological advances and the availability of resources are allowing us to learn more not only about our planet, but also about the Universe that surrounds us and the elements that compose it.

From theCanary Islands Institute of Astrophysics (IAC), the team of researchers who work there have discovered the largest element ever observed: The BOSS Great Wall, which we can translate as the BOSS Great Wall, a group of super-modules that shape the largest structure ever detected in space.

10,000 times the mass of the Milky Way

The BOSS Great Wall it is literally a wall of galaxies Thanks to gravity, it allows the super modules to stay connected by the gases that surround them. That is, it is not exactly close to Earth: it is estimated that It is found from 4,500 to 6,500 million light years away.

Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics

Okay, so it is the largest that has been discovered to date, but how big? Observations estimate that this wall will have a length of 1 billion light years long and is composed of 830 galaxies which, together, would have a mass 10,000 times greater than that of the Milky Way (the galaxy in which our Solar System is found).

The largest structure ever observed in space

For comparison, the Milky Way is made up of over 200 billion stars, which in turn have an unknown number of planets or elements orbiting them. Well The BOSS Great Wall will be like 10,000 times that.

However, there is no shortage of controversy, because of course, not everyone in the scientific community agrees that this is considered as a single element. It has already happened with other walls of galaxies previously discovered, since it depends on the personal definitions of each group of scientists, these cells are not really connected, but the only thing that unites them are the clouds of gas and dust that fill the spaces between they.

In any case, the amount of elements that make up the Universe is still impressive. that we have not yet detected.

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