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They hack a computer spy company and discover a 0-Day Flash

boletin de flash sobre 0-day hacked team

Adobe has published a bulletin about a new 0-Day vulnerability in Flash Player that, if exploited, will allow it to take control of a Windows, Linux or Mac computer. A patch is expected in the next few hours, so be on the lookout for software updates.

Bulletin published by Adobe

That a vulnerability is found in Flash is not strange, the plugin is one of the most attacked by cyber criminals, even more than the Java plugin. But this vulnerability was discovered in a very special way.

Over the weekend, an Italian company called Hacked Hacking Team that offered espionage tools to governments and organizations. Some 400 GB of information was leaked online including passwords, emails, Trojan source codes, documents and all sorts of confidential information that is still being analyzed.

Among all this data that was stolen from the company, an exploit for Flash of the type 0-Day appeared, that is, a way to exploit the plug-in that practically nobody knew, not even Adobe itself. Symantec was the company that verified and alerted it.

It is obvious that Hacking Team used the exploit in their spy weapons and it is not strange that they had 0-days in their hands because they were handled at a very high level, clients ranged from the intelligence services of various countries to the United States DEA United.

What can we mere mortals do to be safer? Since the exploit is already public, cyber criminals around the world started using it to infect with their kits, since it is a plugin that runs in the browser they can infect computers automatically simply by accessing a malicious page . You can see a laboratory example in this video that I did some time ago where the victim is infected by a chat link.

While we wait for the update from Adobe, we can disable the plugin in the browser or in Windows using anti-exploit tools like this. The vulnerable version of Flash is the and all the previous ones, you can check the installed version and the latest one available from here:

You can also check if everything in the browser is updated with this practical and useful online tool: