They promote fake Google Earth with the excuse of Japan

Taking advantage of the Japan tsunami, spammers are promoting a Fake google earth with supposed exclusive images. The mail is quite worked as you can see in the following screenshot:

Spam email promoting fake Google Earth

Clicking accesses a fraudulent page offered by the program downloadAs you can see they try to confuse the user and he does not know if it is the real Google Earth or something similar.

False page offered by the program

The truth is when trying to download it you have to buy a license:

To download it you must buy a license

If the user suspects and tries to exit the page, scammers play a last card at a 50% discount:

The scam is quite smart because there is a paid version called Google Earth Pro that has nothing to do with what spammers offer, and also some satellite images taken after the disaster are circulating on the internet and television. If the user associates these things, perhaps the mail will be created.

Japan's latest real satellite images:

Google publishes images of Japan and accessing them is totally free. They can be viewed on Google Maps, by downloading this KML file for Google Earth or on this Picasa web album that shows the before and after.

Google Earth is a free program and can be downloaded from

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