They told your secret, be careful with that place

In the following screenshot you can see an email sent by a friend, apparently published a secret and invites me to read it on a page:

(click to see larger)

When accessing what is found is a form that requests Hotmail username and passwordThese data will supposedly be necessary to see what the friend published. Anyone with common sense will not enter the data, but there are people who make the mistake of doing so.

There is not much difference between phishing and this, right?

The site does not offer any kind of security, so you could perfectly well be saving passwords and collecting emails.

Once the data is entered, an application is logged into the account, change the nickname of the messenger and send spam messages to all contacts. In this way the service is promoted, taking advantage of the curiosity of the most unsuspecting users.

The way of operating is similar to that of the sites that claim to show who removes or blocks you in the messenger. Many believe they are alive because they change the password after accessing, without taking into account that they leave their contact book exposed …

Remember, your username and password should only be entered on reliable and secure sites!

Thanks @golmatt for the warning.

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